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Aico Heat Alarms

The Ei164RC is a Heat Alarm that runs on 230V AC mains power, and has built in tamper-proof rechargeable Lithium cells that act as a battery backup in the event of mains failure. These rechargeable cells are designed to have a ten-year life and outlast the life of the heat alarm itself, whilst providing up to 6 months of heat alarm operation without mains power.

The Alarm gives a fire warning when the temperature at the unit reaches 58oC. Heat alarms are designed for use in kitchens and garages, where the use of optical or ionisation alarms would lead to unwanted nuisance alarms.

The Ei144 is Heat Alarm that runs on 230V AC mains power, and has a 9V PP3 Alkaline Battery back-up capable of lasting up to 4 years in standby mode and capable of powering the alarm for up to 2 years without mains power.

The alarm is supplied with an Easi-fit base that allows very quick and simple installation of the smoke alarm, combined with simple alarm head removal and replacement. The Easi-fit base automatically connects both mains power and battery as the alarm slides on.






Ei164RC Aico Heat Detector with Lithium Battery

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Ei144 Heat Detector with Alkaline Battery

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